Our Story

If you can visualize it, we can design it.  At Baroness Florals Tyna L Jones, Event/Floral Designer combines historical artistry, originality, passion, and self-experienced expertise to create a unique beautiful floral arrangement. Her journey with floral design started in February 2019 when she decided to create floral designs for her wedding. Using God's gift she designed her floral arrangements within three months and installed her design for her wedding and reception the day before her wedding. Never performing this task before, it was beyond magnificent and her guests were impressed. She decided to become an event designer. Self-made, she has successfully launched her event design business, which led to floral designs, by Tyna L Jones.

Tyna L. Jones Designs, specializes in creating unique custom floral designs for any space. Our full florals services include consulting, planning, and design. Our florals designs bring beauty and life to any space no matter the size. The strikingly unique designs catch your eyes upon encountering them.

Tyna L. Jones obtained bachelor degree in Business Management. Her love of royalty history, florals, and gardening inspires her passion for floral designing today. She executes unique exquisite floral designs that delivers expressions of joy and surprise from her clients. 

It's a pleasure to meet you. I would love to hear from you, so send me a message in our Contact Us page so we can get acquainted.

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